The Daily programme is posted inside each class.


6:45 – 7:30 Early arrival
     Only a few children who are supervised by two teachers. Children play inside the rondawel.

7:30 Arrival and free play inside.
     The children arrive and start to play with the different toys that are set out for the day.
     This includes:

•     Puzzles - So important for spatial relations, recognition of shapes and fine motor control.
•     Play dough - Strengthens the muscles (writing readiness) social communication and                            language.
•     Books - To ensure later appreciation of good literature.
•     Blocks - Maths
•     Fantasy - On mat with construction toys at a corner setup in room for house, camping,                        puppets, etc. role play is important for child to come to terms with and                        understand the adult world he lives in.

8:15 Morning ring:
     We start the day with Bible reading and a prayer. We sit on the mat and talk about what is      planned for the day. We discuss an aspect of the theme, as well as general things, e.g.      Weather, helpers, absentees, news, birthdays, etc. Suitable current affairs are also      frequently discussed.This is an important introduction to the day, so try not to be late.
     This lasts 15-20 minutes.

8:45 Creative activities:
•     Creative Activities: Art, cut, paste, playdough, colour, paint etc.

9:45 Tidy up & toilet routine:
     We all help to tidy up

10:00 Snack time (see menu)
     Toilet routine and hand wash. The helpers fetch the food in the kitchen and set the tables.      Here they are required, according to their capabilities, to help with serving. Table manners      are emphasised and conversation at the tables is encouraged.

10:20 Outdoor free play
     Each teacher has a duty area, and she is responsible for setting out the equipment and      supervises while the children play.

11:10 Toilet routine

11:15 Second inside Ring
     Music, movement, literacy, numeracy, auditory and visual memory and perception lessons,      science, poems, etc.

11:45 Outside free play

12:10 Toilet routine and story time
     We try to develop the "whole child" with emphasis not only on the intellectual development,      but social, emotional, physical and moral development.