When parents bring and collect their children, the playground seems empty and sterile, but at 10h00 when the children come outdoors, each teacher is responsible for a certain area, and the following equipment is available:


Equipment for gravity and syphoning, pouring and blowing. Floating and sinking, measuring and comparing, sponges and bubble blowing.

Equipment for digging, measuring, moulding, sifting, construction and for fantasy (sometimes wet and sometimes dry sand)

Small sand trays:
Small moulds, animals (farm/wild) pattern making equipment, small cars and trucks

Senso-pathic trays:
Filled with sawdust, mud, rice, beans, Styrofoam chips, goop (maizena and water)

Soccer and rugby balls, Cricket bats and balls, Netball post and balls, tennis racquets and tennis balls or sponge balls, swing balls and racquets.

Grass area:
Stilts, balancing beams and trestles, Flip and catch planks, hoops, Stepping stones, ropes, large blocks

Cycle track:
Scooters, steering wheels, tricycles, steal cars, wiggly bikes, motorbikes, road safety signs and a traffic light.

Role playing:
In the Hospital/ Shop/ Office (computer, telephones, shopping trolleys groceries, till, hospital bed, tray etc.

Fantasy play:
Dressing up clothes (outside on the carpet)

12 Different gym equipment (treadmill, weights, etc)

Music for free dancing and listening

Paved Area:
Wooden cars, balancing boards, chalk, water and paint brushes (to see evaporation) etc.